Board Members

President: Tracey Lesser
The President shall preside at all meetings of the stockholders of the Corporation and of the Board of Directors and shall perform the duties usually incident to his office as principal executive of the Corporation.

Vice President: Bill Quinn
The Vice-President shall have all the powers and shall perform all the duties of the President in the absence of the President or his inability to act.

Treasurer: Van Nichols
The Treasurer shall collect and, under the direction of the Board of Directors, disburse all monies of the Corporation and shall keep its accounts which shall at all times be open to the inspection of any stockholder. He shall submit a written report at each annual meeting of the stockholders of the Corporation and when otherwise requested to do so by the Board of Directors. He shall have the authority to receive and receipt for all funds due to the Corporation from any source whatsoever, to endorse negotiable instruments on behalf of the Corporation and to sign all checks, drafts, notes and orders for the payment of money. He shall have the custody of books of account, stock records and other financial records of the Corporation. In general, he shall have such powers as usually pertain to his office.

Secretary: Kari Allen
The Secretary shall keep a record of all proceedings of the meetings of the stockholders of the Corporation and of the Board of Directors. She shall serve notice of all meetings of the stockholders of the Corporation and the Board of Directors and shall conduct the correspondence of the Corporation, have custody of all of the records of the Corporation except those that pertain to the office of the Treasurer. She shall have the custody of the seal of the Corporation. In general, she shall have such powers as usually pertain the office of Secretary.

Director: Amy Blanchard
Coordinates with membership chair to work on membership numbers, satisfaction and recruitment.

Director: Leanna Doherty
Coordinates pizza events, works with the social chair for social events purchases and lifeguards for supply purchases

Director: Cathy Grappone
Coordinates with tennis pros and tennis chairs to ensure tennis lessons and programs are running smoothly and all equipment is in working order.

Director: Erica Rix
Works on the web presence of the club, by keeping websites and social media sites up to date and current.

*Open Position*
Keeps track of volunteer hours and opportunities using digital volunteer sign up program.

Committee Chairpersons

Pool Function: Matt Miskoe
Responsible for overseeing the opening and closing of the pool, working with contractors/ volunteers and training lifeguards in daily pool operations.

Pool Personnel: *OPEN*
Responsible for hiring and supervising lifeguards and swim instructors. 

Grounds: Barbara Burr
Responsible for grounds maintenance, grounds-keeping equipment, trash removal, oversight of grounds-keeper.

Buildings: Chris Graham
Responsible for maintenance of buildings, picnic tables, benches. 

Membership: Amy Bairstow
Responsible for maintaining membership, sustaining and waiting lists, accepting applications, welcoming new members.

Social: Somayeh Kashi
Responsible for planning social events for COPOCO families.

Tennis: Cathy Grappone and Marty Walsh
Responsible for management of all aspects of COPOCO's Tennis operation and activities.