COPOCO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


1. Are you taking new members?  

Yes, COPOCO is accepting new members. Please contact our Membership Chair Amy Bairstow at or through the “Become a Member” form on this website. Please check out the membership page for current categories and pricing information.

2. When is COPOCO open?  

The COPOCO pool is typically open from Memorial Day until a week or two into the new school year, weather and guard availability depending. Please see the pool page for up-to-date information such as dates and hours.  

3.  Do you have social events? 

Yes, we always have a start of the season cocktail party, a New Member Barbecue, a mid-summer splash bash, and an end of season Barbecue and bonfire.  In past years we have had weekly potlucks, tennis tournaments and a huge sleepover. Our club is a cooperative, members with great ideas can host social events making the club even more special and fun. Click here for the calendar of events.

4.  Why must my guests register and pay fees? 

We have recently amended our guest policy to allow guests under the age of 16 to attend COPOCO with members free of charge. Please read our updated guest policy here.

5. Why does my family have to sign in every time we come visit?

There are a number of reasons for this. The first is that it is required by our insurance carrier to know who is on property at all time, it saves us money to know this. The second reason is that the information on high and low usage times helps us to plan and to schedule the appropriate number of lifeguards so that we are using member dues most effectively. By signing in, you keep the costs down.  

6. Can I leave my kids at COPOCO?  

If you sign a waiver, you may leave member children ages 11+ at COPOCO. If your children want to have a guest with them, an ADULT member must stay and supervise. NON-MEMBER children may NEVER be left at COPOCO without an adult member present.  

7. Can I host my child’s birthday party at COPOCO? 

Yes, with advanced notice. Please print and fill out the Party form on our website and hand it in to one of the lifeguards. We will then be in touch to discuss final details. For parties with over 10 guests, there will be a $40 fee for 2 hours.

8. Why do I need to put in a minimum of 2 hours volunteer work?  

Everything our members do, the club does not need to hire out. By doing the work ourselves, we can keep our membership fees low. COPOCO is a member-owned cooperative, and we count on our members' unique experiences and expertise to make COPOCO great. 


9. Do I need to reserve court time to play tennis?  

No, our courts have a first come, first served policy.  We do have some group events that get court priority. Please see the tennis page on our website for up-to-date information.  

10. Why do I need to wear tennis shoes on the courts?

Our courts are an impeccably maintained Hard-Tru surface, shoes with deeper treads, such as running shoes, dig up the clay and cause damage to our courts.  Sandals and flip flops are also not appropriate.  COPOCO hires a specialized contractor at prepare the courts at the beginning of the season, this is a large part of the COPOCO budget, the rest of the season our courts are maintained by a small group of dedicated volunteers.  We ask that all members not add to the work and expense of maintaining our courts and to please wear appropriate foot ware. 

11.  Why do I need to pay a guest fee for my tennis guests?  

We have the best courts in the Concord, NH area, and these courts cost a lot of money and time to maintain.  We need all guests to register and pay a fee in order to maintain these courts and keep our membership rates as low as they are.  Please see the tennis tab for the current tennis policy and guest rates.  


12.  Can my children use flippers, noodles, floaties and other pool toys?  

Yes, most of the time they can.  However, their use is up to the discretion of the lifeguards.  If the lifeguards feel the use of a toy or device is unsafe, they have the right to disallow them.  

13.  Why are their random tennis balls in the pool?  

Those tennis balls are working hard, leave them in the pool.  They collect the sunscreen and grease from swimmers and help keep the pool liner clean.