Membership at COPOCO

COPOCO has an active membership, ranging from young families to singles to active older adults and currently has membership openings — we welcome your application for the current season. For details or to plan a visit, please fill out our contact form. The COPOCO membership application may also be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Membership Includes:
Access to pool with certified lifeguards
Access to tennis courts May-September
Group swimming lessons for children Group tennis lessons for clinics for all ages

Full Membership

Full membership allows full season access to COPOCO facilities and programs, including pool and tennis court access, swimming lessons, and tennis lessons, for a member family (parents and children of one family).

FEES for full family membership:
One-time first-year stock purchase: $100*
Two-year initiation fee: $900 ($450 in first year of membership, $450 in second year of membership)
Annual fee: $848

Tennis-only Membership

This membership level is for adult families who are only interested in using the tennis courts and whose children are older than 16. It also allows for participation in any organized or reserved court time tennis programs (tennis lessons, clinics or women's round robin and tournaments). It also allows for unlimited use of the tennis courts.

FEES for tennis-only membership:
One-time first-year stock purchase: $100*
Two-year initiation fee: $450 ($225 each first and second year)
Annual fee: $584

Sustaining Membership

This membership level is for families who have been members for more than 10 years and whose youngest child is older than 16. It entitles your family to visit the COPOCO facility a total of 15 times per season, either to the tennis court or swimming pool. It does not allow for participation in any organized program or reserved court time program (tennis lessons or clinics). Sustaining members also have the option of paying an additional fee to add unlimited tennis (this includes tennis lessons and clinics). 

FEES for sustaining membership:
Annual fee: $318
Sustaining and Tennis Option (unlimited Tennis with organized programs): $584

*All COPOCO members are owners and have a vote, so must own stock. The $100 stock purchase is refunded upon membership termination